Tips For Keeping Our Kids Healthy

The health of our children should be our top priority.  When children eat too much sugar, junk food and engage in activities that will do harm to them we need to step in and really take charge.  One of the most concerning areas of a child’s health are allergies and reactions to specific foods.  One way that we can help counteract this is to give them the best medical id bracelets we can.

Medical bracelets are a great way to have all of the vital medical information available in the case of an emergency.  Some children will find themselves allergic to dairy products, peanuts and soy.  These items need to be away from their foods, and they need to be in areas of the cafeteria where students won’t be eating these foods.

Limit screen time

The computer screen and the phone screen are now starting to take over the lives of our children.  More and more children are looking down at their phones texting, doing selfies and engaging in social media.  As a public health concern, parents need to limit the screen time of their children.  Children need to socialize in the real world, engage in books and do things that take them out of cyberspace. 

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What parents can do is only allow them to use their phone for an hour or two a day.  They will need to engage in three hours of reading a book or playing with friends.  How parents want to address this is on a case by case basis, however, limiting this time will only help in brain development, self-esteem and much more.

Have a family hour

One way that you can connect with your kids is to have a family hour.  When we have a family hour, we can play games, talk or just engage in our children’s lives.  It is very important to keep a connection and make sure that issues are addressed and resolved before they become an issue.