How to Show Appreciation for a Hair Stylist You Love

When you find a great hair salon, it’s a moment you want to cherish forever. We care about our hair and its appearance, but so many hair salons and stylists just cannot get it right. That moment when you get out of the chair with impeccable hair is a sweet moment. Honor your beautician. Bow down to the hair god. And, of course, use the ideas below to make sure the stylist gets their props. We’re all too fast to complain. Let your joy shine at this time!

Write a Review

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Tons of online review sites are out there. People use the reviews to help find a great hair salon westchester county ny. Share your information with those people on one or two review sites and they’ll be forever grateful to you.

Tell Your Friends

Word of mouth is an awesome tool for anyone who wants their friends to look as good as they do with the new hairstyle. Even strangers may ask for your option or coworkers. Tell them what you know and you’ve done a good deed!

Leave a Tip

Stylists work on tips, too. Make sure you show your appreciation and love for the style by generously tipping your stylist at the end of the appointment. You’ll receive just as impeccable service on the next visit, if not better, when the tips come in!

Schedule an Appointment

Hold on to a great stylist once you find them. Schedule an appointment with the same stylist the next time you need a haircut, color, or other service. Why risk visiting another stylist when you’ve found someone who styles your hair the right way?

There are many ways to show a stylist that you love your hairstyle. The ideas above are among the ideas. Use them all and you will feel warm and tingly inside as you rock around town with that hairstyle you love.